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Tiffany Trump: 6 things you didn’t know about Donald’s daughter

Tiffany Trump: Six things you didn’t know about Donald’s daughter

Confident 23-year-old graduate is dating a Democrat and doesn’t think her father is sexist. Nevertheless, the younger Trump daughter is still something of a mystery to the US and the world. Here are six facts about the elusive Tiffany:

1 - She went to an Ivy League university

After growing up in California with her mother, TV personality Marla Maples, Tiffany went on to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania this year with a double major in sociology and urban studies. "She's got all As at Penn, we're so proud of her," her father, who attended the same university, told People magazine.

2 - She's dating a Democrat – who likes Hillary Clinton

Tiffany met Ross Mechanic, a 21-year-old software engineering student, at university and the pair have been together since last year. Ross is a registered Democrat who expressed support for Trump's rival Hillary Clinton on social media. "While Ross perhaps does not align with his girlfriend and her father politically, he does appear to have a head for business," the Daily Mail reports.

3 - She interned at Vogue

In 2011, Tiffany landed a highly sought after internship at the biggest fashion magazine in the world – albeit with a little helping hand from her big sister, who runs her own fashion business. She also walked in a New York fashion show, modelling for her close friend Andrew Warren.

4 - She has had a music career

Her interests extend far beyond fashion and sociology. Tiffany released a catchy pop song called Like a Bird when she was just 17 years old, but the reviews weren't kind. "It's extremely Auto-Tuned, so it's hard to tell what Trump's voice actually sounds like, but the bleary melody and synth effects will probably get stuck in your head for at least the next few hours," said Vanity Fair.

5 - She's a doting daughter

Speaking at the Republican convention, Tiffany delivered a brief but heartfelt speech about how her father motivated her while she was growing up. "His desire for excellence is contagious." she said. "He possesses a unique gift for bringing that trait out in others starting with those closest to him." She went on to describe her father as a "friendly, considerate and funny" man. "I have admired my father all of my life," she said, "and I love him with all my heart."

6 - But Trump is less proud of her than his other kids

In an interview with Fox and Friends earlier this week, Donald Trump said that he was proud of all his children, but his youngest daughter "to a lesser extent."

In the interview the president-elect said: "I'm very proud of my children. I mean, I'm just looking at them right now, as an example for your show. But I'm very proud, because Don and Eric and Ivanka and – you know, to a lesser extent because she just got out of school, out of college – but, uh, Tiffany, who has also been so terrific. They work so hard."

According to the Daily Mail, "it appears the 23-year-old might need to put in a little more legwork if she wants to win her father's affections."

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